Website Design



In the journey towards crafting the KWC Performing Arts website, a series of strategic steps were undertaken to ensure a seamless user experience and a visually captivating platform.

Beginning with the Layout and UX phase, we embraced the challenge of integrating new brand standards which J.O. created, establishing CSS rules, and designing an intuitive architecture. The creation of the Homepage, supported by temporary content and well-researched photos, set the tone for the site. Simultaneously, the About Us section took shape, delving into the institution’s history, leadership, notable alumni, and esteemed partnerships.

The KidPower segment unfolded, encompassing its mechanics, leadership, and board structure. An important aspect was the Camps & Classes division, where age sorting functionality was explored for easy navigation. This included diverse camps and a multitude of classes catering to varied interests.

The Calendar & Tickets feature was meticulously crafted, integrating a functional calendar while accommodating class and camp divisions. The Book Us section spotlighted the Kids Who Care Touring Company and the seasonal Kids Who Carol performances.

For a comprehensive user experience, the Parent Dashboard and Resources sections provided valuable etiquette insights, theatre FAQs, and terms information.

As the Website Timeline unfurled, rigorous attention was devoted to refining designs, optimizing shopping experiences, and executing seamless mobile views. The eventual launch was marked by meticulous SEO checks, meticulous code adjustments, and meticulous content migration.

This journey epitomizes the evolution of the KWC Performing Arts website, where each step, from layout conceptualization to final launch, was executed with precision and creativity.

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