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We are taught to make decisions based on the “this-or-that” mentality and in some cases, it may be necessary. For example, choosing an apple over a bowl of ice cream, or a good night’s rest over staying up late are healthier choices, but maybe as fun.

In the creative world, we don’t have to sacrifice one option for the other. The “or” mentality can hurt our marketing efforts if we eliminate potential target markets and opportunities for success in an effort to play it safe. If we recognize and implement the power of “and” in our work, projects have the potential to be stronger and more powerful than those that implemented the “or” mentality.

To accurately execute the power of “and,” evaluate how you are distributing your campaigns to consumers.

In advertising and public relations, we rely heavily on customers and the subconscious word-of-mouth advertising they produce. Consumers always are representing a brand, whether it’s the toothpaste they use or the car they drive. If you have the dollars to spend, casting out a large net to reach as many people as possible obviously is more beneficial for your brand recognition.

But if your goal is to convert your audience to actually buy your product, it may be as successful and more cost-effective to target a smaller demographic that is more likely to recognize your brand or benefit from your product. The power of “and” is at play in targeted marketing; though companies often minimize the amount of exposure they receive by targeting, it can be counteracted by companies doing extensive research on their audiences to capture the true idea of the “and” mentality.

Influencers have the ability to reach massive audiences, yet most people are likely to buy a product recommended by their friends opposed to Kardashians. Most purchases are influenced by consumers’ feelings; if they do not have an emotional connection to the person promoting the product or an emotional need for the product, they are not going to become loyal customers.

Being strategic in targeting is important to delivering strong results. No matter the budget for advertising, creating a specific audience and keeping it broad enough to build brand awareness is a proven path to success.

Choices are necessary in some aspects of marketing, but thinking “and” over “or” could be the difference between a good campaign and an extraordinary one. If you challenge the guidelines you’ve been following, you might be surprised how much more you can accomplish.

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