Public Relations Trends
of 2021


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As we push past the exhausting nature of 2020 into 2021, public relations experts are messaging their excitement at having the crises of the past year on their heels. Most public relations professionals would agree 2020 taught them a great deal of how to overcome unpredictable obstacles and build their toolkits for future crisis management.

The past year forced public relations professionals to deviate from their well-thought-out plans and work creatively; that innovative thinking is mirrored in the public relations trends that are expected this year. Optimizing the following public relations tips can generate exponential growth for your business in 2021.

As tired as we are of living it and hearing about it, the pandemic remains relevant, and valuing health and safety should be the top priority for all businesses. Emphasizing the importance you place on safety can enhance your brand with the public by showing your audience that you are conscious and mindful of the world apart from itself.

It became evident during 2020 that there was a lack of diversity, equity and inclusion in several areas across the workforce. Adjusting to how you connect with your audience will look different this year as you tap into different strategies of seeking to include everyone in your public relations messaging.

Understanding differences among diverse groups of people can improve through hard conversations, asking questions that never have been asked or doing the research to become more aware. On the contrary, if companies choose to move forward with non-inclusive work environments, it can be costly with the public and eventually a public relations crisis.

Throughout the trials and tribulations of 2020, consumers consistently have been attracted to brands that showcase their humanity with content about their efforts toward social consciousness. A nation that previously has been consumed by competition and dominant market share now has audiences that want to be reminded companies are on their side and care about the same topics and causes they do. If you haven’t already, it is beneficial for your company and its employees to outline socially conscious initiatives that align with your company’s values and develop programming to actively speak to those issues. These causes should be followed up internally and externally with words…and actions!

Empathy can be the factor that elevates a company above its competition. The ability to connect to consumers’ feelings with your shared values as a company is difficult in the professional world, but highly valued by when done correctly and honestly. A company that is transparent and understanding toward its consumers will gain brand loyalty and will create a stronger and everlasting reputation.

The unknowns of 2021 may seem daunting, but public relations always has been about adjusting to circumstances. Make the decision now to prepare for any obstacles that your company might face. If you don’t know how to plan for the unknowns, we can help you ask those tough questions.

Be well. Be safe. J.O. is excited to help you make some PR magic happen this year.

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