Agency Life: 5 Tips to Rock
a Brainstorm Session


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At J.O. Agency, our love language is strongest during brainstorm sessions. Brainstorms are essential within an organization to create involvement and spark creativity. Externally, they are the source of innovation and strategic ideas that agencies bring to clients.

Brainstorms can fall flat if team members are not in the right headspace. That’s why we want to give you 5 tips to rock your next brainstorm.

#1: Identify Objectives

To kick off a brainstorming session, start by identifying the overall objectives. Ask your team probing questions: Why are we having this brainstorm session? What are our client’s main goals? What do we hope to accomplish at the 6-month mark? In a year?

Brainstorm sessions are an opportunity to throw out every idea that comes to mind. That doesn’t mean throw darts in every direction and see what sticks. The darts need to be aimed at a target. When leading a successful brainstorm, it is imperative to establish your objectives and create an outline that gives your darts (ideas) a target. If you “throw” quality ideas at your target, you will reach that bullseye idea efficiently and save your team time and energy.

#2: Recognize Obstacles

Life is a highway…with some speed bumps. For every objective, there will be barriers. At the start of a brainstorm, encourage teammates to pick the top three barriers standing in the way of the established objectives. This might be done when people get stumped for ideas. Sometimes these road blocks can drive the creative process. Examples of obstacles include people, perceptions, time, budget or access to technology.

#3: Think Big… and Small

Dreaming big is great, but you can’t go big without thinking small. If the big ideas, like a commercial, don’t translate to the tiniest details, like a small banner on the bottom of a social post, you will be faced with a scattered campaign. It is important to balance ambition and reality when creating large–scale campaigns. Keep your client’s brand cohesive and eliminate potential issues that could otherwise be overlooked.

A big idea that works at the smallest level is a strong sign of a successful campaign.

#4: Ping–Pong the Ideas

A brainstorm should not be a one–and–done event. Bounce ideas back and forth like a ping pong game. Come to the initial meeting with a few ideas and bounce new ideas off each other. Take a few days and give the team time to reflect on the initial meeting and a chance to have new thoughts. Then regroup, narrow down everyone’s favorite ideas and confirm that the ideas are still on target with the objectives.

#5: Put on a New Pair of Shoes

Hopefully the brainstorm session has led to the best idea… ever. Now it’s time to take a step back. There are billions of people in the world with different perspectives, backgrounds and beliefs. Each consumer processes messages differently, which is why this step is vital in any marketing campaign. Put yourself in different audiences’ shoes and process your ideas through a different lens. Consider how different demographics will perceive your advertisements and make sure the messaging is inclusive and well-rounded.

Keeping these tips in mind when brainstorming new marketing campaigns will help your team’s collaboration and your agency’s success.

Need help? We’ve got plenty of ideas! Give us a call and let’s get to brainstorming.



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