It’s Time for Some
Spring Cleaning


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It’s that time of year! The days are longer, the trees are greener, and layers of clothes are being replaced with pastel colors and prints. Spring brings with it new beginnings and a sense of creativity and bliss.

Though the season is a symbol of growth and change for most people, it also is known for the dreaded task of “spring cleaning.” People finally are getting to those tasks they have been putting off all winter. But if those tasks become chores, J.O. Agency is here to ease your pain … and maybe even a bit of excitement.

As companies evolve, the newest campaigns, social media posts and blogs are often quite different. It is incredibly important to bring the idea of “spring cleaning” to each facet of your business and ensure that you remain in line with your target audience. This also is beneficial for growing your company by framing it as innovative and up-to-date. We advise setting aside time regularly for your social media platforms to be updated. This could consist of anything from deleting posts that are not relevant or outdated, re-writing captions with fresh and relevant information, fixing broken links, or updating the overall aesthetics of each platform.

In addition, updating information in company blogs is extremely important. You want all of the information found on your company’s website to be as accurate and relevant as possible because it is a direct reflection of your brand. Updating current keywords, infographics and titles can help your company have better SEO and increase website traffic. If done correctly, this significantly improves your company’s ranking in searches.

In a competitive world, it is a detriment to be static. If content is left untouched for years or if updates are done poorly, your company quickly can fall off of the radar and become irrelevant to customers and prospects.

Your company should continue to celebrate successes that you have had through the years and displaying it for your current and potential customers is imperative. However, make sure you are updating the speech and that you are staying on message in a relevant way.

These may seem like tedious tasks, but they are necessary for relevancy and keeping your company as a thought leader. Spring cleaning does not have to be boring and it can go a long way to enhance opportunities for your business.

So get to work and good luck!

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