Staying Creative
February 08, 2016

Staying Creative

Would you prefer a stale and still mountain lake or a bubbling, running brook? Personally, having just completed my first backpacking trip ever, I'll take the latter. Especially to refresh my hot sun-drenched face after hours of hiking with a heavy pack.

Here at J.O., we believe design should be fresh, alive and exhilarating. We are not in the business of recycling ideas and using stale campaigns to communicate our clients' needs. This topic came up this morning over coffee with Debbi, our business manager and the person who keeps us in line.

Debbi shared with us that when she turned 50 (who knew she was that young?!) she bought herself a hammered dulcimer to keep her mind sharp. What is that you ask? The Ferrari of builders' tools perhaps? No! It's a combination string and percussion instrument that is usually placed on a stand and played with little hammers. She explained that it is a complex instrument due to the array of strings stretched over two bridges and three octaves. Tuning it is intense! It is the mind-food of the ancients. Who needs an app for that?

Debbi says, "It really uses both sides of my brain to play this, and best of all, the sound is so pretty that even mistakes don't sound too bad! I think of it as a "Texas Harp" because it reminds me of harp music with a twang. There isn't much in the way of dulcimer music out there, so I create my own arrangements from hymns and other songs."

We were impressed to learn that this particular instrument originated in Mesopotamia and dates back to the time of King Nebuchadnezzar, who references it in the Old Testament of the Bible. Roughly translated from the Latin-Greek, it means sweet music. And we all know that creative communications and design is like sweet music to the ears! And that's what we promise you here at J.O.

Lara Uselding

Public Relations Director