Our Summer Interns Brave The Heat
Of Agency Life


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During the summer, we’re all about two things at J.O. One, summer hours—where our hard-working employees get to (on occasion) leave early on Fridays; and two, summer interns—young, talented students who want to dip their toes into the cool agency waters and learn the strokes to not only stay afloat in the industry, but excel.

This summer, we’ve added two interns to the J.O. mix, and they’re ready to take the heat that agency life serves up—or so they think… As the days get hotter, these ladies hope their PR skills do, too. Soon, Claire and Brittany will be on fire, fiendishly producing exceptional pitches and fanning the flames, so to speak, of coverage for our clients.

Having grown up in San Antonio, Brittany was excited to move to another great city in Texas (Fort Worth, of course) for her college experience. She loves that the city is thriving with friendly faces and creative minds, both of which Brittany believes inspired her to take the path she’s on now.

As a senior strategic communication major at Texas Christian University, Brittany is committed to finding her career passion. To do so, she dives into any opportunities that come her way. Before J.O., she worked two internships in social media marketing and promotions, and after gaining experience in the various realms of communication, she decided public relations was what floated her boat. Eager to work for an advertising agency filled with creative and talented people and to jump into the agency world, she knew she couldn’t pass up an internship here with us.

Outside of her internship, you can catch Brittany hanging out with her friends, taking a jog on the Trinity Trails or journeying around Fort Worth. She loves her fellow Frogs and embarking on new adventures!

Claire, our other stellar summer intern, is a recent graduate of Texas Tech, and she’s excited to start her career in public relations. She grew up in Grand Prairie, so it was a no-brainer to move back to DFW post-grad. She can’t wait to get her feet wet in the Fort Worth community, as she plans to get her Masters in strategic communication from Texas Christian University.

If living in Lubbock taught her anything, it was the importance of striking when the fire is hot. She held several internship positions in Hub City and tried her hand at social media, nonprofit work, marketing, graphic design, blogging and media relations.

Once the real world came a-knockin’, Claire realized her dream job fell within the PR realm—working at a PR agency. This summer, she is excited to help the J.O. team and find out what working at an agency really entails.

When she’s not studying for the GRE (#gradschoolprobs), she can be found hanging out with her fellow Red Raiders, practicing yoga or trying a new restaurant. She loves the Texas Rangers, catching some rays by the pool and, when fall comes around, she won’t miss a single Texas Tech tailgate.

Time to show Brittany and Claire the ropes, so they know how to surf the waves through any storm and soak up the experiences that agency life has to offer. It’s gonna’ be a hot one, so we’ll see if these ladies have what it takes to beat the heat. We have every confidence they do—and that they’ll fit in swimmingly with the team.

Surf’s up!


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