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It likely depends on where you live, but here in Texas, summer (unofficially) starts this weekend with Memorial Day. The temperature is up, school is out, the pool is open, and things are starting to shift down a level in terms of speed. This is also typically a time of year when work and businesses slow down.

As you think about your summer marketing plans, our team wants to encourage you to use the season to stretch your creative muscles and dive into something special. We’ve put together seven ideas for how you can start marketing with a summer flair and bring extra joie de vivre to your social media marketing, digital marketing, special events and promotions this June, July and August.

Suggestions for Your Summer Marketing

  1. Infuse your summer marketing campaigns and materials with bright colors and juicy language.

Summer is vibrant and full of life — from gardens overflowing with bounty to added daylight and silly pool floats. Consider adding swatches of summer colors like corals, peaches and bright pinks, bold yellows and oranges, bright teals and greens to your marketing and graphic design this summer.

Level up your summer marketing

Bold vibrant colors are one way to infuse summer vibes into your marketing.

Also consider your language on social media, digital ads and promotions — is there room to summer-ify it? We’ll include some examples below, but there’s definitely an art to it — don’t just throw all the cliche summer phrases at the wall like spaghetti. (Beat the heat, summer lovin’ and fun in the sun — I’m looking at you.) Instead, lean into the heat of the season, connections to nature and water, and the relaxed feelings that come with less responsibilities.

Summer language examples:

  • Dog days of summer
  • Vitamin sea
  • Seas the day
  • Catch some rays
  • Hello sunshine
  • School’s out for summer

2. Show how your products enhance someone’s summer.
Think about what people are looking for in the summer — slower pace, less packed schedules, vacations, staying cool, get-togethers for barbecues and holiday events — and ask how your products or services can help. Marketing means showing people you can meet their need or solve their problem. Marketing in the summer means tying what you offer to their dream/ideal experience of the season.

3. Focus on meeting people where they are — online — no matter where they are actually spending the summer.

Dream vacation or not, there’s a great Forbes article that talks about this suggestion — they call it “fish where the fish are.” If you’re trying to market in the summer, you need to join people out of town and on vacation through channels like Google search, digital ads and social media campaigns.

            The J.O. team has written more on digital ads and social media campaigns:

            We also have examples of past projects including:

4. Create summer-worthy merch.

If your company or brand creates merch or swag — whether it’s for just your team or sold publicly — summer offers lots of opportunities to have some extra fun. And merchandise is always a form of marketing, so let’s get some ideas going that are a little outside the box for this year’s summer merch.

Think beyond can koozies and embroidered golf shirts — what about pool and drink floaties, swim towels or pickleball paddles? Branded beach balls, bucket hats, fans, water cups or big beach tote bags could be a hit too.

Thinking outside of the box for summer merch or swag adds to the joy of the season.

5. Tie in to holidays and cultural events.

There are a number of holidays in June, July and August that you might want to consider planning a campaign or special offers around.

  • Flag Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Juneteenth
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day

In addition, there are a number of cultural events happening every summer that could serve as a jumping off point for your summer marketing:

  • NBA finals in June
  • Summer blockbuster movies
  • Local music or food festivals
  • Summer solstice
  • Summer Olympics at end of July/beginning of August
  • Back to school season

There are a lot of ways to use these events and holidays as a theme for a summer contest, pop-up shop, special offer or product bundles. Let your imagination go wild!

6. Add to the fun and create a giveaway or special event.

Summer is a time for extra frivolity and enjoyment. How can you jump into that joy and create a reason for people to pay attention to your brand? Maybe you create a special summer contest or giveaway. That kind of marketing might require people to share your content on social media or attend a special event.

Is there some kind of giveaway that you can offer repeat customers or longtime clients? Or maybe you fire up the grill and throw an event to show your appreciation for your customers. Both events and giveaways provide opportunities for you to further connections with your audience and target market — and in this day and time, more human connection will certainly make an impact.

A special summer event can draw crowds and new faces to your brand.

7. Highlight your team enjoying summer marketing.

Lastly, don’t leave all the summer bliss to your customers — make sure your team is enjoying it as well and then share those scenes in places like your company newsletter and social media channels.

For example, if your team takes a break to visit the local ice cream show — take a photo and post it. If your team has a summer cocktail contest for the most inventive margarita flavor, share it on socials. If you curate the dream summer playlist for the team to listen to at work, add it in your next newsletter.

As you share more of who you are as a business and a team, people will feel like they know you better — and that connection is always an important part of your marketing strategy, summer or not.

Caption: Your summer marketing can include fun events for your team — maybe a cocktail contest, for example.

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