10 Surprising Social Media
Statistics (2020)


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Social media. It has become a daily aspect of all of our lives. Vacations, quiet evenings at home, and even going to the bathroom no longer exist without some form of online networking. We cannot stop consuming and posting online content, whether it’s artsy pictures of the ocean, funny cat videos, or long streams of hashtags.

As the web expands, new users are flocking to popular social sites and apps, posting pictures of their homemade brownies on Pinterest, pictures of their grandchildren on Facebook, and pictures of their grandchildren eating homemade brownies on Instagram. Facebook remains the market leader of social media platforms, but the industry is continually adapting and advancing. The reality is social media as a whole is rapidly developing and does not look to be slowing down anytime soon.

10 Surprising Social Media Statistics InfoGraphic
10 Surprising Social Media Statistics InfoGraphic

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