The One With The New Girl
September 30, 2015

The One With The New Girl

Say hello to J.O.'s newest graphic designer, Katie Shelton. (Or email her or send a card—she probably can't hear you.) Anyway, she was born in Tennessee, grew up in Stephenville, Texas and went to Texas Tech University for her degree in communication design. This migration might indicate that she has a phobia of trees or perhaps topography, but this is unconfirmed.

As a student, she interned with the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra, unknowingly following in the footsteps of her new coworker, Courtney. Well, they say they didn't know each other, but it seems suspicious.

When she's not designing, Katie remains a lover of art, visiting art museums, watching art documentaries and visiting coffee shops where people gather to feel artsy. She's an avid consumer of good books and Friends reruns (hence the blog title if you didn't catch that), and she would really like to get a Corgi someday.

Her favorite thing about design is when she can use it to make a difference, something she will undoubtedly have many chances to accomplish with both J.O. and The Cause Agency. Stay tuned for great things (and feel free to send some welcome cookies if you're so inclined).