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Have you heard? Pokémon Go has taken over.

You have to legitimately live under a rock not to have at least heard about Pokémon Go. But, for those who are wondering what it’ all about and why it matters, let us break it down for you.

Pokémon Go, based on the hit TV show from the 2000s, is an augmented reality game (think virtual reality meets real world) in which players go out and explore their cities in order to locate, capture, and battle Pokémon. As a matter of fact, you have to go out; sitting on the couch to collect Pokémon is just not an option. There are an abundance of features in the game including Gyms, considered “battlegrounds,” and Pokéstops, which allow players opportunities to retrieve such things as eggs, Poké Balls and potions.

If you think this is a fast-growing trend that could dissipate any moment now, we wouldn’t be so sure. Pokémon Go only launched a little over month ago and already has more users than both Twitter and Facebook. If you’re not fumbling to pick your jaw up off the floor, we’re not really sure what will impress you.

So, why should you care? Besides having a new, interesting date idea, you’re probably wondering how a game could benefit you or your business. Look no further.

Your business can turn those gamers into customers. We’ll tell you how.

Create a Contest or Promotion

If your retail store or business is a Pokéstop, consider yourself lucky and use it in conjunction with social media to your advantage. Post your newfound Pokéstop status and encourage users to post their findings and tag your business. Create promotions or discounts for customers who share photos of Pokémon being caught (e.g. “catch all the Pokémon and enjoy half-off all flatbreads”).

Purchase Lures

A lure module “lures”—for lack of a better word— Pokémon to the nearest Pokéstop for 30 minutes. One catch (pun intended): you have to become a Pokémon Go “trainer” in order to purchase the lures. However, thanks to Inc.com for breaking down the cost, it’s truly beneficial to companies that either are Pokéstops or are near one.

turning gamers into customers data
turning gamers into customers data
turning gamers into customers graphic
turning gamers into customers graphic

Host a Poké Hunt

If your business has a strong social media presence, this could be a great way for you to engage your current customers as well as draw in new ones. Poké Hunts are exactly what they sound like: hunts for Pokémon in nearby areas. The great advantage to this is that your hunters start and end at the location of your business. For an added appeal, offer discounts to those who participate.

A couple other ways your business can get involved include these:

  1. having free Wi-Fi available to users; and
  2. providing a place to charge phones—Pokémon Go and battery life have yet to form a proper relationship.

While retail shops and restaurants seem to reap the benefits more from Pokémon Go, it is certainly not a lost cause for other businesses. For businesses such as banks, Pokémon Go requires you to be a bit more creative, but still enables you to benefit.

Want more detail about how Pokémon Go can boost your business? Check out the other useful articles below, then sit back and watch your business become the very best that no one ever was. [Cue theme song]


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