8 Tips to building business visibility
with video marketing


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As a concept, integrating video marketing for visibility is not brand new, however as time has gone on the importance of video has expanded and altered. The impact that video content has on brand visibility has expanded alongside the availability of video on social media platforms. Overall its fair to say that online video marketing is not just one single aspect of your outreach, it is central to your social strategy.

Why Bother With Video?

The current landscape of business has a lot of focus on creating video content that reaches a target audience, accrues viewers, and therefore increases business. The platforms these product videos are made on are much more expansive, and at this point in time there are platforms that are indexed in google when uploaded, giving us the ability to appear in search results with much less effort to support the brand.

Tell your audience stories

Though this might be tougher to apply to certain types of companies – telling a compelling story is always worthwhile. Ways of developing ideas for stories can include presenting how your company affects clients or even making a difference in the community. This can be a continued narrative that is presented on landing pages and can allow for much more exposure in the online space.

I think its fair to say that if nothing else, telling the story of your company over and over again is something that is consistently seen in the advertising space and is successful. It’s really important to realize that a good engaging content will result in sales/subscribers/followers/etc. Not very long ago the prime video marketing strategy was using TV advertisements to drive sales – this continues to be true except its been replaced by online video marketing. An easy example of where to tell your story outside of 3rd party platforms is on your companies landing page, perfect use of making an impression by using video content on your website.

Start consistently posting on a schedule

It’s pretty normal these days for the audience to expect updates on a schedule. Video content, video podcasts and even TikTok’s are posted on a regular basis – whether that’s a certain amount of times per day or set days of the week. While this task might seem daunting, you can break up content to be posted on multiple days or even find effective ways of recycling previously fresh content.

The main goal with this particular tip is to maintain a regular audience that comes back consistently for content. Helpful and entertaining video is usually the type of thing released on a schedule that will keep people coming back.

Acting on user/customer generated content

With platforms like TikTok – there are often times when the customer gets involved in the video creation process. While on Youtube there are people that do related posts to companies and even offer their opinion – there is a special opportunity on TikTok where a company can post a video, and turn on ‘stitching’ in their settings. This allows the audience to record a video right alongside the video a company has posted. While this does allow opportunity to reach the target audience in a unique way it really opens the door for lots of things such as interesting content ideas or even overall increase brand visibility through more organic reach.

User generated content can often times be beneficial to a company as an alternate form of content, think of sending a message or question to customers and creating a hashtag, and seeing what loyal customers think of a product or Service, potentially even providing a visibility increase from followers.

Having avenues to interact with customers can open up opportunity for organic growth
Having avenues to interact with customers can open up opportunity for organic growth

Optimize videos with SEO (search engine optimization) content

Whether or not it is common knowledge these days, you should know that Google indexes YouTube videos. This allows your content to come up in the search engines results when someone types something related to your product videos. Because of this particular tip, its probably in your best interest to not have multiple channels, all this will do is divide your follower and viewer base.

Staying consistent with links, tags, appropriate descriptions and even video backlinks will allow your content on YouTube to show up alongside other related post. This is something that can organically improve brand visibility when it comes to the use of search engines.

Tutorials and Demos

Demos are one of the most searched things on the internet
Demos are one of the most searched things on the internet

When it comes to video content, this is probably without a doubt one of the biggest things that has brought YouTube to the heights it reached. If there is anything that someone doesn’t know how to do – at this point there is probably someone that has made video content on how to make or do it, and it’s probably on YouTube. That being said, a video post can likely be adapted to short or long form to work on more social platforms.

Take a second to consider how expansive ‘tutorials and demos’ is as a video producing idea. Create content that provides tips on how to use your product or service, or content that makes sense to exist alongside your product videos, talk about your brand and why It exists. Viewers will always want to google their product and try and experience it through video before making a big purchase. It’s a luxury we have in the modern day to look and know almost everything about a product prior to buying it.

While there will be customers that create their own product reviews, positive or negative it’s important that you realize this also will have its own boost to your conversion rate. The message you send in these videos will also have its own impact on the entertainment and professional value of your brand and perceived quality of your product.

Structuring Digital Content

Approach your video marketing campaign from all angles, making sure that you have your bases covered when it comes to the digital landscape in regards to video.

Frontload content

Try your absolute best to use the first few seconds of your video as wisely as possible, regardless of platform and on top of that – give your viewer what you want them to get from your content as soon as you can into the video. You can sway one way or another on this particular piece of advice – however its important to bear in mind that the average attention span is just under 10 seconds these days and the effectiveness of your video could be determined in that timeframe.

We think its important to cut to the chase and if there’s content after, the viewer will have made up their mind about whether or not to keep watching the video content just after 8 seconds. It’s important to realize that people watch online videos through various social media channels, and this aspect of the internet is extremely saturated. It is important to recognize how inconsequential it is for potential customers and viewers to skip a video 5 seconds in because it seems boring. A relatively easy way to work with this in mind, is to very succinctly and quickly say what the video is about, say the conclusion and then proceed to show the process from beginning to end.

Make sure to include a call to action

You don’t have to create an entire campaign to ask those watching to participate when making video content – all you haver to ask customers to do is provide engagement with the content, subscribe, follow, turn on our notifications, look in the descriptions for links and take advantage of our sale going on right now, etc.

While this is simple, it is a highly effective thing to do when trying to find your loyal customer base. People that want to be up to date on your stuff will provide extra engagement on your content, and do simple things like subscribing and following to their own benefit.

Analyze content statistics

Determining what content is achieving the right visibility, attracting more followers, maybe a certain video types is generating the most business because of its level of popularity, etc. This side of things might seem like its not a must have – but when it comes to long term it is a worthwhile investment.

analyzing content performance can be vital in optimizing how content does on the internet
analyzing content performance can be vital in optimizing how content does on the internet

It’s not hard to see that certain things are getting more likes than others, but often times there’s something going on a layer deeper that allows you to make observations and convert that into a video marketing strategy. Looking into tools such as google analytics can make this task much less daunting.

In Conclusion

The concept if intertwining video marketing with business has created a unique landscape in which understanding the way video influences the success of your business is critical. The spectrum on which this idea operates on can be as simple as repeating a story or as complex as establishing and continuing an ongoing narrative that hinges around your businesses product. This has become another tool that can determine success in business, in the ever growing landscape established by the internet at large.

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