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You could say that J.O. is a well-oiled machine in the ways we create campaigns, but “machine” is not the correct word to describe J.O. We are creative, we are flexible and we are fun. We don’t drone on the same way, shift-by-shift, day after day.

Let us explain:

  • Jennifer’s¬†pep drives everyone’s energy, especially when she runs through the office because 24 hours is simply not enough time in a day to get everything done.
  • Christina’s¬†drive for success keeps us inspired to give 100% and her knowledge of Fort Worth’s best restaurants keeps us inspired to … eat.
  • Maddie’s¬†big ideas get the team thinking outside the box, sometimes a little too far outside, and keeps us smiling with her witty jokes.
  • Dana¬†never lets a good idea go unnoticed or an article on how we can improve go unshared. (We have a theory that when she’s off the clock, she relaxes by researching until we open the next morning.)
  • Kenny¬†wears a smile and a ‘can-do-it’ attitude like it is his job. Who is going to tell him he’s also really talented when it comes to graphic design?
  • Debbi¬†is a breath of fresh air and always has an interesting story to tell to take the team’s mind off logistics.
  • Tatum’s¬†intolerance for ordinary keeps us striving to be better every day. Sometimes she takes it a little far in her Oscar-worthy Cup of J.O. performances, but we couldn’t make mojo without her.

It is evident that this team isn’t here just to pay the bills or finish a list of tasks, but to stay inspired and solve a problem for our valued clients.

J.O. is full of unique projects that are executed collectively. Is it challenging? Yes! But it’s manageable because of the diverse set of skills our teammates possess. Our culture offers an open space for storytelling and problem solving, but most of all, no idea is ever undervalued and no one’s strengths go unappreciated.

We do not think of J.O. as a well-oiled machine, or a machine at all, because that leaves no room for excitement. J.O. does not always follow the rules; ok, many times we do things on the unconventional side. We push creative boundaries and explore the marketing unknowns. Many people say they love their job, but we are proud that the people in our office actually mean it.

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