What Makes a
Good Logo?


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Are you ready to launch your new business idea? If so, creating an effective logo is a great place to start;
however, branding is not as easy as it sounds. We’re here to share some tips on recognizing and creating a successful logomark.

Logos serve as an important icon for a brand. They are strategically designed to create a good impression and differentiate a brand from others. Not only should the logo be aesthetically pleasing, but it should connect with audiences and set a brand up for success.

Although logos are made up of typography, graphics, color and composition, there are a lot of intangible qualities that work together to make up a beautiful logomark.


Your logo needs to stand apart from other logos. Choose design elements that aren’t a part of current trends to make your logo unique. Your brand has a story, use it to develop a logo that tells it.


Your logo should be relevant to the audience you are trying to reach. Using the audience research you conducted when building out your business plan, you can understand who the logo needs to speak to. This will help your target market connect with your brand.


A good logo is simple. It needs to catch the eye and be understood at a moment’s glance. J.O. founder Jennifer Henderson uses the phrase, “If it doesn’t work small, it doesn’t work at all.” This rings true for any logo. The simpler the logo, the more memorable. Your brand message needs to be concise and portrayed through a logo,
even on its own.


When creating a logo, it is important to think about how it will be perceived in the future. Designing a logo based on current trends might not be a good choice when you are thinking about the longevity of the brand. So, it makes it even more important to design a logo that is timeless in order to prevent frequent logo redesigns.


Your logo needs to be able to work across multiple mediums. Sometimes this means creating a few complimentary logo designs in different colors to use for various purposes. A successful logo will be able to work for digital, print, embroidery, mobile, web and any shape.

Now that you know some tips on how to recognize and create an effective logo, that does not mean that it is all on you to create one. J.O. has an outstanding creative team that is available to help you with your logo and brand development needs. Check out our previous logo work for various clients below!

The Dash Branding Electric Bus. Cleaner Air.
Community Enrichment Center – People Empowered
Texas Wesleyan University – Smaller. Smarter.

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