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What helps set apart your brand from other businesses? Branding strategy helps your business be easily identifiable by potential customers. J.O. is a branding agency that offers extensive branding services to ensure your business is easily identifiable by your customer base and target audience. With all the marketing materials within our arsenal, we are guaranteed to provide your business with a marketing strategy curated for success.

Brand Strategy is Crucial for Your Business Success

Whether you are a small business or a global concern, branding is one of the most important elements of growing a strong customer base. It makes a promise to your potential customers and your current clients, and how you deliver that promise establishes credibility. We ensure your business is heard through a blend of strategic marketing.

Do you know where your brand stands? Brand recognition is key for any business to break through the mass marketing clutter filled with both large and small competitors. People are drawn to things that are familiar to them, so whether they realize it or not, if people recognize a brand, they are going to be more likely to choose that company or product as opposed to a brand that they have never seen.

Through comprehensive research and industry analysis, we ensure your brand’s identity is represented through vivid, strategic imagery. We curate branding guidelines that will illuminate your company’s brand identity engagingly and aesthetically.

At J.O., we ask the questions that reveal long-term solutions. A strong brand strategy communicates this through its mission, vision, brand proposition, brand personality, and so forth. It is carried through the brand’s voice, style, logo, color scheme, and product descriptions.

JO's branding strategies communicate your brand
JO's branding strategies communicate your brand

How Does J.O. Create A Successful Brand Strategy?

What makes a brand successful goes way beyond a good logo (although it certainly plays a role in strategy and marketing). Before creating a logo design, reaching out to new audiences, or effectively marketing, creating a brand strategy must begin with understanding a brand’s essence.

We Identify Your Brand's Core Values.

Through strategic analysis, we can understand and convey your business’s purpose creatively and attractively. Through this, we analyze your brand’s:

  • Value Proposition
  • Beliefs
  • Mission and Vision
  • Personality
  • Narrative

We Develop Strategic, Quality Brand Positioning Plans.

After we analyze your business’s core values, we develop a brand plan. A brand plan is a strategic document that articulates a well-rationalized message and positioning strategies for your organization, product, or service. Based on this intelligence, the brand plan leverages your competitive advantage within the marketplace, presents core brand promises (or marketing messages) that further demonstrate your competitive advantage, and illustrates how those messages translate meaningfully to each audience.

Our Brand Standards Create Cohesive, Quality Guidelines

As a brand is being developed, it is important to establish certain standards to create the basis for all future branding. The best way to do this is to create a brand standards document that includes all the rules for logo use, color coding, and more for your company. As a branding agency that does a lot of design work, J.O. has developed many brand guidelines for clients.

Let's highlight some important information that should be included:

Logos and how they’re used

  • Typography
  • Color palette
  • Photo style/imagery
  • Icons
  • Brand messaging
  • Company tone

To learn more about what all of these elements entail, click here to visit J.O.’s blog. We’ve written an entire post on this subject.

Brand Packaging Dynamically Connects Your Business with Customers

A strong brand breaks through crowded markets.
A strong brand breaks through crowded markets.

Packaging is an essential part of design culture and flows out of your brand strategy. As a branding agency, J.O. can help you develop this as part of your business and brand. Here are a few important elements to keep in mind:

An effective and successful package design helps your brand stand out, brings recognition, and attracts customers.

The better the packaging, the better customers feel connected to your brand through visuals

A well-designed package serves as a good marketing tool, oftentimes better than typical advertising techniques.

Frequently, the packaging is the first thing a consumer will see of your brand. Its impact could draw them in or turn them away. Therefore, the design and the message conveyed through the package must be resonant and relevant to your target market.

A successfully designed package will put into play some of the key principles of design, including fonts and color. Consider these guidelines that should help elevate the package to its full potential. To read some tips our branding agency has put together for killer packaging, visit our blog here.

A Little Bit About Us -- J.O.'s Branding Strategy

For J.O., Audrey Hepburn has always been an inspiration and representation of our image. “You have to look at yourself objectively. Analyze yourself like an instrument. You have to be frank with yourself. Face your handicaps, don’t try to hide them. Instead, develop something else.” And that is exactly what J.O.’s owner, Jennifer Henderson has done.

In 2018, she felt it was time to give our branding agency a fresh face, so she began a rebranding refresher. J.O. used this as an opportunity to reeducate the public about what we do best. We used this to be open and honest about our heritage and our roots that shaped us into what we have become today β€” just a bigger, smarter version of what we were 20 years prior.

“The rebrand was really not so much about the visual identity, but the messaging. The look just had to match the grown-up version of what we were saying about our company and our people in it.”

– Jennifer Henderson, Founder of J.O. Agency

After a year-long process, the brand was assigned a fresh set of brand guidelines and a new face to exemplify who we are as a company. A new website with fresh messaging and visuals also mirrored our company brochure, pitches, and documents β€” even the way we communicate with our prospects and the community. Jennifer preaches to her clients that branding must adhere to having one voice, one message.

For advertisers, it is important to know who you are and what you want to say β€” how you portray that is key. Every one of us is bombarded with ads and promotions every single day, so leaving a lasting impact is an accomplishment. At the end of the day, staying true to your company and showcasing what you have to offer creatively will leave more of an impact than conforming to other brands’ techniques. Let J.O. build your brand strategy and show you how to effectively communicate who you are by clicking here or calling us at (817) 335-0100.

J.O. Branding Case Studies

Texas Wesleyan University: Visibility Strategies

The Rams found themselves in a tether. When Texas Wesleyan University β€” its small campus tucked in a neighborhood in east Fort Worth β€” wasn’t seeing the enrollment numbers it needed, we began to investigate the root of the issue. Was it a problem of visibility or a deeper issue of brand recognition? Click here to read how we took a strong brand and adjusted its strategies for greater success.

The Dash Branding: Effective Branding for a New Service

In the fall of 2019, Trinity Metro introduced the Dash, an electric shuttle to restaurants, museums, and entertainment venues from Downtown to West 7th and the Cultural District. It was launched with a month-long promotion, Dash and Discover. Our full-service branding agency developed the identity for the Dash, including its colors and logo, as well as all the print, digital and social messaging and media for the event. Click here to read more about this brand positioning and design success.

Plant to Plant: Rebranding Service

As their strategic partner, J.O. developed a campaign that introduced the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT) to the people of the planet they’re trying to save. We helped the brand evolve from a hidden gem to an internationally renowned resource for explorers, discoverers, environmental stewards, and champions for human health and wellbeing. Click here to see our brand strategy and the marketing materials we created.

Our Full-Service Branding Agency is at Your Service

Why should you choose J.O. among other branding agencies? We mean it when we say the brand strategy is at the heart of our work every time we shape brand identity, brand voice, logo design, and marketing campaigns. We’re here to serve you and create content that benefits your company. Our marketing agency cannot wait to curate a brand strategy for you.

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