We’re always on the lookout for talented talent. If you’re as good as you think you are, prove it. Drop us a line and make us believe that we can’t go on without you.

Spring, Summer, Fall Internships in Marketing/Communications
The Marketing/Communications intern will assist J.O. with public relations and marketing, helping to expand clients’ profits and increase visibility. It is J.O.’s goal to make you a rock star in marketing and public relations through this internship (you’ll learn from the best) and want it to be a beneficial relationship for both parties. Juniors and seniors applicants are what are what we are looking for. Submit your resume and writing samples (or school projects) to

Spring, Summer, Fall Internships in Graphic Design
If you are artistic and have a passion for beautiful design that influences humans to act, then we want you to be our Graphic Design intern. You’ll learn from and assist J.O. team members in designing and producing mind-blowing, life altering work for our clients and for our company. It is J.O.’s goal to instill the good teachings of expert design and business acumen for our industry. Submit your resume and portfolio to or fill out the form below and include a link in the message.

The Cause Agency is hiring too! We’re looking for a contract, part time Marketing Director who’s ready to cause an effect and oversee our work for the greater good.

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