Meet Jennifer


Jennifer Oliver Henderson is a marketing communication specialist with more than 20 years of experience. Her professional achievements include “40 Under 40” awarded by the Fort Worth Business Press in 2008, Texas Wesleyan University’s Alumni Service Award in 2012, the Distinguished Alumni Award in 2014, Great Women of Texas in 2014, Top 20 Women to Watch in 2016 and alumni scholar of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses. She is also the recipient of more than 100 local to international design and public relations awards. For fun, she runs her own art gallery, Gallery 440, featuring a large collection of international modern art as well as local, contemporary Texas artists.

Jennifer Henderson favorite work tools

1) My Painting Partner
When I won the Wesleyan Distinguished Alumni Award, my college advisor, Kit Hall, gave me this paint brush. It belonged to my Wesleyan art professor, the late Mary Apple, who taught me to love art history, drawing and painting — and who once awarded me a first-place ribbon for a still-life I painted.

2) My Stress Outlet
From someone I admire — Debra Morrow, creative genius and former creative director and partner of Witherspoon Advertising — this “Emergency Clown Nose” reminds me to keep things fun in this mad advertising world.

3) My Gumby Mini
The Gumby and Pokey cartoon is a childhood favorite of mine. The career I’ve chosen is full of deadlines and dynamism. No day is the same. Perched on my desk, Gumby daily reminds me to be flexible no matter what adversity I face — and not to take things too seriously.

4) My Connection to the Past
Old, vintage photographs have always spoken to me. This photo especially — it shows my grandmother, Dormalee (center), and two of her sisters, Kathleen (left) and Jane (right), sitting on a Model T. This is only half of the entire clan!

5) My Idea Zone
There’s something nostalgic about lined paper, reminiscent of elementary school. I have such an affinity for notepads, especially ones like this (created by aplcreations.com) where each page reveals a different type of paper.

6) My Trusty Exacto
This exacto knife has been with me since my college graphic design classes, and we use it in our office to this day. I can’t claim it’s “lucky.” It sliced off my finger tip and left me with scars from multiple stab wounds… But there’s something rewarding about using this knife to put together a beautiful mockup for a client.

7) My Handy Power Tool
I use this Black & Decker Gyro all the time — particularly when I’m framing art. Small and lightweight enough for my ridiculously small hands, this drill makes all five-foot-two of me feel powerful and handy.