Kathy Lanier - J.O.
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Meet Kathy


With 20 years of experience in business development, fundraising and community relations, Kathy uses her diverse background to build relationships that help people grow their business and engage in the community. Kathy was previously responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of several community and corporate social responsibility programs and earned a B.B.A. in Marketing from the University of North Texas. Giving back to the local community, Kathy has served as a board member and volunteer for multiple nonprofit organizations in the North Texas region, including Colleyville Chamber of Commerce and the United Way Northeast Steering Committee. When she’s not working, Kathy enjoys traveling, the outdoors and spending time with her friends, husband, Steven, daughter, Avery, and their two dogs.

My Family

When our daughter, Avery, was born, my mother-in-law gifted me this little angel figure statue. It and a few other similar statues are on my nightstand, so I see them every night. This one reminds me daily to show my family just how much I love them.


My Connection

My iPhone and Apple Watch keep me on time (well, mostly…) and help me balance family and work, but most importantly, they keep me connected. Connected to those I love, especially my daughter. Avery has Type 1 diabetes, so I’m grateful technology allows me to always be there for her.


My Trusty Specs

I wouldn’t get any work done without my glasses! They help me catch all the little details when I’m at work on my computer. I ordered these after I had started working here at J.O., and I thought they perfectly matched the teal in our brand.


My Partner in Crime

Steven and I got married almost 18 years ago. Our wedding photo serves as a reminder to me that he will always be my partner in crime. I keep it with me in my office so that Steven is always with me.


My Gems

This necklace reminds me of good times and fun family adventures. My mom and dad bought it for me during a beach trip we took together to South Padre Island — a place where we’ve spent many family vacations and which I hold dear.