Texas State Fair train illustration with corny dog and mustard

All's Fair

The time had come. Time for thrills and fried frills at the State Fair of Texas. For corndogs and cotton candy and Ferris wheels and ring-toss games.

The fun of the State Fair isn't just limited to the fairgrounds, though. Trinity Metro wanted people to get their turkey legs aboard the Trinity Railway Express (TRE) and ride it straight to the fairground gate. So, Trinity Metro enlisted our help for an integrated campaign.

State Fair-inated

Imagine driving down the road and looking up to see the train…made entirely of corndogs. The next, wearing spurs and a cowboy hat.

That whimsy paired with quintessential State Fair items is just what our creative team was going for — and boy, did we have a heyday. We designed simple, brightly colored illustrations topped with quippy headlines — for billboards, signage, animated bumper videos and both print and digital ads, as well as imagery to accompany a Spotify radio spot. Each element added character to the train, welcoming riders to embark on an adventure even before the amusements of the fair.

All Aboard!

As "freight" would have it, our efforts worked. During the opening weekend of the State Fair, TRE ticket sales increased by 11 percent. And, if you had any question as to whether video ads perform well, our animated bumper ad on YouTube is a testament. The bumper video had such a high video completion rate (91 percent) that the client paid an unheard-of 1ยข per view. Yup, a single, shiny penny for each of the more than 960k views. We caused quite a "locomotion" for our client, and it paid off.

Texas State Fair Trinity Metro illustration detail Texas State Fair Trinity Metro illustration detail
Texas State Fair Trinity Metro illustration billboard
Texas State Fair Trinity Metro illustration poster