Plant to Planet

Botanical Research Institute green spiral plant silouette

Hello, Earthlings.

As their strategic partner, J.O. developed a campaign that introduced the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT) to the people of the planet they're trying to save. We helped the brand evolve from a hidden gem to an internationally renowned resource for explorers, discoverers, environmental stewards and champions for human health and wellbeing.

Botanical Research Institute Stationary Identity package design
Botanical Research Institute Plant to Planet advertising campaign
Botanical Research Institute We are green to the core blurb

Plant to Planet

So, how does J.O. capture and represent the ever-expanding impact that an organization like BRIT has on the world? With clever word play, of course! The meaning behind the Plant to Planet tagline is as serious as the language is playful. BRIT shares knowledge about the plant world to enhance the life of every living thing on our planet. The new tagline immediately conveys the scope of BRIT's impact and a sense of local-to-global stewardship.

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Botanical Research Institute Expolorers By Nature advertising campaign Botanical Research Institute Curious By Nature advertising campaign Botanical Research Institute Adventurous By Nature advertising campaign

By Nature

The curious, the playful, the inquisitive and the adventurous all find what they're looking for at BRIT. We needed a campaign strategy. A clean, modern design and bold photographic style work together to provide visual consistency and room for the array of headlines to flourish. The 'By Nature' campaign speaks to everyone…and they must have been listening. BRIT's membership nearly doubled in size after the launch of this fully integrated campaign.

2012 Bronze Addy for Broadcast/Electronic

2012 Bronze Addy for Direct Marketing, Specialty Items

Botanical Research Institute By Nature brochure Botanical Research Institute By Nature direct marketing campaign