Trinity Metro Rebrand

Trinity Metro Bus

All Part of the Plan

This once-sleepy city is now bustling with nearly one million people. And by Fort Worth Transportation Authority's (FWTA) calculations, that was about a million reasons to improve public transportation across the metroplex.

The brand refresh and new identity were part of FWTA's 20-Year Master Plan. Created in 2015, the Master Plan details a strategy for system expansion and economic growth — a way to evolve alongside one of the fastest-growing regions in the nation.

Trinity Metro Bus front LED sign
Trinity Metro Bus Logo Grid

What's in a Name?

After lots of scribbled-on, crumpled-up pages found a home in the trash, we had a name. We chose "Trinity" because of the Trinity River's significance to North Texas and its heritage. Our founders established the metroplex where the Clear Fork and West Fork of the river meet, knowing the Trinity would bring a flow of people and ideas to the budding region.

Universally, "metro" means public transportation. It was a simple, yet distinct way to unify the transportation system, make it more approachable to the local community and link Trinity Metro with transportation systems in other major cities in the nation, and the world.

Trinity Metro Logo sketches Trinity Metro Logo white on red Trinity Metro Logo white on navy
Trinity Metro Logo Easy Ride Type treatment white on navy Trinity Metro Logo Easy Ride Type treatment color

Making Our Mark

In its simplicity and uniqueness, the Trinity Metro logo visually conveys progress and innovation. Using three solid triangles, the "M" of "Metro" visibly emerges from the negative space. The set of triangles — a trinity itself — evokes Trinity Metro's three-pronged offering: road, rail and metro-to-metro service (such as the Trinity Railway Express).

To top things off, we brought together the family of Trinity Metro entities (e.g. Molly the Trolley and TEXRail) under an endorsed brand hierarchy and distilled the original color palette to a succinct few, identifying colors.

Trinity Metro Bus Driver Trinity Metro Logo T-shirt

Chugging Forward

Today, Trinity Metro provides the region with a new kind of river — a river of road and rail. Trinity Metro's new name and logo are the necessary, early steps toward the future of public transportation.