Sharpen Your PR Game

In the PR game, it is always good practice to take a beat and evaluate how you’re doing. Often times you will find that while you’re doing stellar at one particular aspect, there are always opportunities where you can shore up your skills.

We’ve compiled a quick guide to help you up your PR game.

1. Know Your People. Know Your Business.

The best relationships are built upon active listening. By strengthening current relationships with clients, competitors, vendors, colleagues and other contacts, you are growing a relationship that can lead to meaningful future PR opportunities.

2. Perfect The Multi-Channel Pitch.

Gone are days of a single pitch in public relations. By cultivating a succinct, well-designed, multi-channel and multimedia pitch, you have a greater chance of securing coverage. Try using a short video or audio clip to demonstrate to journalists how the pitch would fit onto different digital and social media channels.

3. Be Proactive With Crisis Management.

No phrase is more known in the PR industry than “Timing Is Everything.” So when a crisis hits, it is important to be prepared to respond as quickly as possible. Formalize a crisis communications plan that addresses various scenarios and identifies key staff members for any media interviews. Remember, you never want to be caught in a situation where you are “reacting” to a crisis. Be prepared!

4. Capitalize On Earned Coverage.

“Earned coverage is vapor and it’s our job to make that water.” Lane Borrello of GM Financial highlighted the importance of capitalizing on earned coverage before the 12-hour evaporation window closes. She proposed that larger companies implement weekly editorial meetings in which the entire team offers two or three of their assignments that other departments could leverage. We know what you’re thinking… Adding another meeting to your week is the last thing on your mind. But in this case, you might find that the benefits largely outweigh the inconvenience. Try it and see where it gets you.