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Brand Strategy is Crucial for Your Business Success

Whether you are a small business or a global concern, branding is one of the most important elements of growing a strong customer base. It makes a promise to your potential customers and your current clients, and how you deliver that promise establishes credibility. We ensure your business is heard through a blend of strategic marketing.

Do you know where your brand stands? Brand recognition is key for any business to break through the mass marketing clutter filled with both large and small competitors. People are drawn to things that are familiar to them, so whether they realize it or not, if people recognize a brand, they are going to be more likely to choose that company or product as opposed to a brand that they have never seen.

Through comprehensive research and industry analysis, we ensure your brand’s identity is represented through vivid, strategic imagery. We curate branding guidelines that will illuminate your company’s brand identity engagingly and aesthetically.

At J.O., we ask the questions that reveal long-term solutions. A strong brand strategy communicates this through its mission, vision, brand proposition, brand personality, and so forth. It is carried through the brand’s voice, style, logo, color scheme, and product descriptions

Your Business' Social Media Success is Waiting for You at J.O.

Our social media team ensures quality results through the use of social media management tools supported by social media listening. A strong social presence requires sound solutions and concrete planning, including using abiding by a social media content calendar and employing social media analytics. The Agency will partner with you to create a social strategy that generates the best social media performance and community engagement for your social goals.

Social media marketing services offered:

  • Social media audit
  • Audience analysis
  • Social media calendars
  • Paid social ad campaigns
  • Content creation
  • Community management

Social Media Audit

We can conduct an extensive social media audit to see where your social media platforms are at. We’ll analyze your brand’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and determine which path will achieve the greatest digital marketing success for your brand voice. At J.O., research is our middle name. We want to know everything about your organization so we can use the tools in our social media arsenal to create relevant content, grow a dedicated group of online followers and convey your organization’s messages through authentic and genuine social channels. We want to build your brand awareness in a valuable way that connects with your target audience on the right social networks.

Audience Analysis

Another important research strategy is audience analysis. This social media strategy allows J.O. to better understand your target market’s interests, desires, and habits to better fulfill their needs through your organization’s product or service. We’ll also help you figure out the types of content and campaign strategies that will cater to your target market and have them respond with fervor. We’ll make sure your social media activities are speaking to the right audience. this is where social media analytics tools and social media listening tools come in handy.

Social Media Calendar

Additionally, our social team can develop a social media calendar to plan organic posts for your social media platforms. Organic content allows for your brand voice to shine through your social media platforms and gives organizations like yours the freedom and independence to highlight their brand in unique and personalized ways. Another reason we love content calendars is that consistency is key to growing an online following and making your social media goals a reality. A content calendar allows us to lay out organic content strategies in advance, plan link clicks, build social campaigns, dream up what online conversations you’d like to be a part of, and even build an international audience if that’s what you’re after. A content calendar also allows us to ensure your social media content is properly spread across your social media pages — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and more — and keeps you organized as you handle multiple social media accounts. A content calendar gives a bird’s eye view of all content to ensure everything is working together on behalf of your social media marketing goals.

Paid Social Ad Campaigns

We’re all about organic social media posts consistently building your social network but sometimes paid social ad campaigns are necessary to build awareness for a specific event or hone focus on your organization’s marketing and advertising goals. Don’t be afraid, though — even small budgets for social media ads can yield significant gain. Paid social media campaigns are a great way to highlight a specific aspect of your business, a new venture of your organization, or an upcoming event for people to attend. It’s also a chance to gain social media followers who haven’t interacted with your brand before. Sometimes including social media influencers may be a part of this specific social media strategy as well. You may very well find that combining the influence of social media profiles is beneficial for both parties.

Content Creation

When running multiple social channels, it can be overwhelming to regularly create original content. Then there’s the question of how content should differ from one social media platform to another social media platform. Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, and others, J.O.’s content creation speaks to your various platform audiences and supports your overall social media marketing plan.

Community Management

Community management means J.O. will make sure your social media marketing strategy is carried out to connect with followers. We’ll post content on your behalf and respond to social media users who are interacting with your account. Social networks never sleep, but with community management, you’ll have someone on your side who understands the social media management process and knows how to handle the inevitable (and most often rare) negative comments. Managing social media means we’ll keep an eye on your social platforms and carry out a successful social media strategy so that you can focus on other areas of your business.

J.O. would be delighted to help you make sense of your social media marketing! Call us at (817) 335-0100 or click here to contact us.

How J.O. Cracks the Social Media Code for Business Platforms

Most people use social media on a daily basis for play rather than for work, but here at J.O., we use social media as a powerful mechanism for bolstering our clients’ business and putting a human face on a brand. Social media isn’t just for networking; it is a priceless tool that generates social interaction, insightful feedback, and an inside look into people’s thoughts and feelings about a product or service. Every post, story, tweet, and picture published has far more meaning than one might think, and, because of that, we’re constantly analyzing our social media efforts. This isn’t just a hobby for us — all your social media is part of our job.

When we say presence on social media is critical for businesses to survive in this day and age, we’re not being dramatic. As of May 2020, there were 7.8 billion people in the world, and of that number, 3.8 billion people were active on social media. In a single day, 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook. The world’s most downloaded app, TikTok, is dominating the market when it comes to Gen Z audiences. Its users are spending an average of 52 minutes per day scrolling through content. The number of people one company can reach simply by being present on platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube is incredible. With J.O. guiding your social media services, the possibilities are endless.

How J.O. Uses Social Media Services to Benefit Clients

We’ll let you in on a secret: We combine our social media marketing with our public relations skills.

Everyone has probably heard the term “public relations,” but not a lot of people can easily define it. The holy grail of PR, the Public Relations Society of America, defines public relations this way: “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” So, what does that really mean? What does it look like in practice?

Public relations includes many elements such as research, strategic planning, publicity, media relations, internal relations, and investor relations. Today, that list can’t be complete without social media. In fact, it has become one of the most important components of PR and strategic communication.

Today, social profiles provide a much-needed (and wanted) window to a business’s culture, values, and reputation. Without access to this window, viewers have little way of forming an opinion about the business besides what its website displays. For some businesses, this would result in few potential customers. That’s exactly where social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram come into play.

In practice, this means that public relations and social media, when combined, can benefit businesses as a whole in a way that’s incredibly impactful in a time when information and technology are at our fingertips. Use these tools to not only stay at the forefront of technological advances but also to keep up-to-date with your clients and their ever-changing needs.

Public relations at its core is about nurturing the relationship between a business and its customers. What better way to reach your customers or clients than through online social media platforms that they always carry with them? Next time someone asks you how to utilize social media with regard to businesses, you’ll know what to say.

Well, that and J.O. is where you go for help in building your social media strategy. Call us at (817) 335-0100 or click here to learn more.

Our Work: J.O. Social Media Strategy Case Studies

Vestar West 7th Social Media Growth
As the managing group of the vibrant West 7th development nestled between Fort Worth’s downtown and cultural districts, Vestar needed to cultivate the crowds and the image that their tenants expected. They approached J.O. in early 2016 to solve the problem.

So, J.O. did a major market research project, polling their markets and creating personas in order to selectively appeal to their audiences through social media. J.O. also took charge of public relations, garnering positive media coverage for multiple tenants while managing the stigma surrounding parking and high tenant turnover rates. A social media campaign executed in conjunction with Vestar’s marketing director was the icing on the cake. Click here to read more about the details and success of this social media advertising spend.

Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth
Having already led Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth, Inc.’s overall brand and public relations efforts, J.O. launched its social media platforms on Facebook and YouTube in 2010. Since then, J.O. has continued to increase awareness and sales through these outlets and more. To help communicate the message that Goodwill sells name-brand clothing at affordable prices, J.O. created “The Goodwill Guy.” Click here to read more about this case study and its marketing strategy.

Fort Worth Public Library Foundation — Big Night In
The Fort Worth Public Library Foundation’s (FWPLF) mission is to create local readers and empower them to grow into our future local leaders. Our future local leaders are, of course, the children of today, so mothers were a self-evident and necessary target. FWPLF came to J.O. with this simple task: build on its momentum from last year’s “Big Night In” direct mail campaign that connected emotionally to women— in particular, mothers. Click here to read how J.O. used social media strategy to support this work. Hire J.O. for All Your Social Media Strategies

We mean it when we say strategy is at the heart of every social media presence we create, every social media management tool we wield and all the social media accounts we support. Using social media can be overwhelming, but we’re here to serve you and your company — and we’re prepared to show you how our mojo sets us apart from other social media marketing agencies. Ready to make some magic with your social media marketing strategy? Looking for a target audience or a particular social media service? Contact the J.O. team online by sending a note at or calling us at 817-335-0100.

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