Just Cause

A non-profit agency for non-profits

The Cause Agency

In 2013, J.O. launched its nonprofit arm, The Cause Agency (TCA), to give back to the community by offering qualified nonprofits discounted marketing and PR services.

It all began with an idea — a challenge that needed solving. In a veritable hub of charitable and nonprofit organizations, Jennifer noticed many needed assistance (whether marketing, public relations, branding, campaign strategy or otherwise), yet either lacked the internal staff or couldn’t afford agency services. Nonprofits needed help promoting their incredible work and worthy causes but lacked the means.

So, with the support of fellow entrepreneurs and her community, Jennifer launched TCA with a business model designed to offer discounted services to nonprofits. The Cause Agency works locally, nationally and even internationally, leaving each community a little bit better off than it was before. TCA’s nearly six years of experience and dedication to its cause have helped to raise the bar for other nonprofit organizations and creative agencies.

This is just the beginning. There’s more good work to be done.