The 2015 AAF Awards Gala-J.O. Brings
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The AAF Awards Gala, more commonly known as The Addys, is held every year in February. This event marks one of J.O.’s favorite times of year for our industry and the life of our agency. It’s a time of celebrating together as a family, and you never know how we’ll celebrate. We might have a private dance party in our office or arrive with loud music and flashing lights aboard a party bus. This year we had a quiet, pre-party dinner at home (our office) with good food (Cane Russo) and good friends (Christ Chapel Bible Church)—they also happen to be some of our Addy competitors.

Though the J.O. team spends countless hours together throughout the year, it’s always at work, client meetings, pitches or events that we host. The Addys give us an opportunity to come together for a night that’s all play and no work. It’s a small but significant reward for a year of hard work, tight deadlines and the joy and pains of generating creative ideas. The best part is, we actually do get rewarded.

JO Team Bonding
JO Team Bonding

This year J.O. brought home five prestigious Addy awards.

Friday on the Green logo
Friday on the Green logo

Our Friday on the Green logo for Fort Worth South Inc. won in the Elements of Advertising category.

JO's Goodwill logo
JO’s Goodwill logo

We brought one home for Goodwill Industries Fort Worth with our Goodwill Goody! Billboard, winning in the Out of Home for Public Service category.

JO's Texas Longhorn Breeders Association logo
JO’s Texas Longhorn Breeders Association logo

The Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of American campaign brochure wrangled in a Single Unit award for Collateral Material.

JO's Arts Google logo
JO’s Arts Google logo

Fort Worth Inc.’s Arts Google Poster won in Advertising for the Arts.

JO's Our Dance Theater of Harlem logo
JO’s Our Dance Theater of Harlem logo

Our Dance Theater of Harlem poster for Performing Arts Fort Worth granted us another win in Advertising for the Arts.

We had a blast honoring the work of our agency and the work of our competitors. By the way, congrats to Christ Chapel Bible Church for winning two Silver Addys and to our friends and suitemates, Ardent Creative, for their win.

Now onto another great year!

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